Find Your Motivator

Sheri Riley

Sheri Riley empowers athletes, entertainers, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs grow personally and dominate professionally.

TOPICS: Personal/Professional Development, Leadership, and Productivity. 

AUDIENCES: Professional Athletes, Entertainers, Corporate Executives, and Entrepreneurs

FEE RANGE: $30k-50k

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is a leading educational expert, author, and one of the premier motivational speakers in the educational arena. 

TOPICS: Self-Worth, Goal Setting, Character, Decision-Making, Respect, Hard Work

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $9k-$14k

Mostafa Ghonim

Motivational Speaker & Social Learning Expert, Mostafa Ghonim helps students and teachers WIN IN UNITY!

TOPICS: Self-Confidence, Integrity & Character, Diversity, Social-Emotional Learning

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $9k-$14k

Quincy Harris

Host, media expert, brand influencer, and public speaker - Quincy Harris has been a trailblazer from coast to coast in the radio sector for 15 years.

TOPICS: Social Media 101: Building Your Personal Brand, Pushing Through Adversity

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $3k-$8k

VaLarie Humphrey

VaLarie Humphrey is the Educators' Educator. Her life's work is working with the Educators that mold our children. 

TOPICS: Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Improving Performance

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, College, Parents

FEE RANGE: $7k-$12k

Jemal King

Known as the "9 to 5 Millionaire", Jemal King teaches audiences how to build generational wealth through real estate investing.

TOPICS: Generational Wealth, Legacy, Passive Income, Real Estate Investing

AUDIENCES: Those looking to build generational wealth.

FEE RANGE: $20k-$25k

Willie Moore, Jr.

Willie Moore Jr is impactful to the nation in more ways than one. Through entertaining Vlogs and Radio you will be inspired by his refreshing perspective.

TOPICS: Adoption and Foster Care Awareness, Inspiration

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $9k-$14k

Mike Nelson

Mike's motivational and educational presentations consist of cutting edge principles to show students how to succeed academically and personally.

TOPICS: Success, Leadership, Diversity, Academic Performance, Goal Setting

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $3k-$8k

David Shands

David has been an authority in the entrepreneurship arena helping individuals make the transition from their job to their dream for years, since he’s done it himself in 2012. 

TOPICS: Relatable Entrepreneurship Coaching, Business & Idea Development

AUDIENCES:  Middle & High School Students, Aspiring Entrepreneurs

FEE RANGE: $2k-$7k

Jorge A. Sierra

Jorge Sierra is a motivational speaker and self-change advocate taking his audience by storm with his transparent and inspiring story of triumph and perseverance. 

TOPICS: Tackling Your Mental "Wheelchairs", Living In Your Purpose

AUDIENCES: Middle & High School, At-Risk Youth, Trade Schools

FEE RANGE: $5k-$10k

Vernessa "Mama T" Thomas

Eric Thomas' Mother, Mama T, teaches audiences how their past can be that very thing that sets them on the path of prosperity.

TOPICS: Crawling Before You Walk, Finding Your Tribe, Having Vision

AUDIENCES: Women, Single Mothers

FEE RANGE: $5k-$10k