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Mostafa Ghonim

Motivational Speaker & Social Learning Expert, Mostafa Ghonim helps students and teachers WIN IN UNITY!

AUDIENCES: Educators, Middle & High School, Parents

FEE RANGE: $9k-$14k

TOPICS:  Self-Confidence, Integrity & Character, Diversity, Social-Emotional Learning

Be who you were created to be and do what you were created to do. This is the Love, Lead, Serve, are the themes and moral codes that were established from the trials and tribulations of his personal life.

Growing up in New York City as a Muslim-Undocumented immigrant, he's navigated through education and the loss of his father in a post 9/11 era. A time he describes as being constantly misjudged, mislead & misunderstood. However, Mostafa credits those experiences for giving birth to his passion for improving diversity, as well as communication within organizations and small businesses. 

Despite the many obstacles, he's used baseball as his catalyst to complete his education and later became the first in his family to attain a college degree. Today, he is founder and CEO to multiple companies. His mantra in seeking to understand and feel the pain of others have made him a relatable communicator and highly requested speaker and consultant that impacts leaders from all walks of life.

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