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TJ Tyus

TJ Tyus helps athletes and corporate professionals reach peak performance with his high intensity, principle-based approach.

AUDIENCES: Students Athletes, Corporate Professionals & Salespeople

FEE RANGE: $10k-$20k

TOPICS:  Character Development, Work Ethic, Communication, Teamwork


TJ was poised to leave Central Michigan University and enter the NFL. Nothing could stop him except himself. With all his skillset, consistency, dedication, resiliency, passion, purpose, and preparation, he couldn’t outrun, tackle, or shut down the life he made off the field. Failure was something TJ was unfamiliar with. He excelled in every area of his life, broke records, set them, and was a genuine force to be reckoned with. Sadly, his NFL dreams weren’t strong enough to conquer the succession of bad choices and equally bad actions that closed the door to what would have been a legendary football career. 

Perhaps the greatest lesson TJ learned was that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and he’s dedicated his life to bringing out the best in student-athletes through intense mentoring and coaching. Founder and CEO of The Tyus Training Institute, TJ’s no-nonsense, principle-driven approach has made him the go-to mental performance coach for High School and University athletes. Speaking to athletes, coaches, students, parents, and teachers alike in Canada, Dubai, Mexico, and across the United States, TJ’s dreams of producing world-class principled, disciplined, and driven athletes are coming to fruition. His authentic, powerful, and moving passion for excellence, has changed the futures and fortunes of countless athletes.


The Tyus legacy of creating principled athletes with strong minds and bodies continues. A father, husband, author, and Pastor, TJ Tyus is living proof that you can change the world if you have the courage to change yourself.

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